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Summer of singing in Schloss Rheinsberg

Marta Kristin Fridriksdottir sang 5 performances this summer of La Molinara by G. Paisiello at the Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg festival, where she interpreted the role of Baronessa Eugenia. Under the baton of Bernhard Forck, director Georg Quander and the AKAMUS | Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin orchestra.

She also sang two lied concerts called Ich frage keine Blume, keinen Stern in the stunning Hall of mirrors in the castle of Schloss Rheinsberg, with fellow singers Valerie Pfannkuch, Thoma Jaron-Wutz and Friedemann Gottschlich and pianist Olav Kröger. The program was a mixture of known and unknown German lieders and ensembles.

Photos from the Liederabend

Photos from the production of La Molinara

All photo credits go to Uwe Hauth


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